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Learn just about everything you need to know about buying and enjoying electronic cigarettes, as well as a few ways they benefit young adults

If you're looking for a comprehensive resource for learning about electronic cigarettes and e-smoking, then look no further.

We understand you may have heard of this exciting alternative nicotine delivery method, but that word-of-mouth, forums and other sites may leave your head spinning a little bit. We also understand that many of the topics discussed by veteran e-smokers on forums may be a bit over your head.

In short, this is what inspires us to develop this resource. We hope you find it useful in understanding the ins and outs of electronic cigarettes and e-smoking – we also hope to show why young adults are electing this alternative nicotine delivery method over traditional means.

We invite you to check back often as we're always adding new content – and if you're ready to explore e-smoking first-hand, we sincerely hope you decide to give SouthBeach electronic cigarettes a try. But if you have any questions you don't see addressed here, by all means feel free to drop us a line through email , Facebook or Twitter today.

We're confident you won't be disappointed…

Before Ordering an E-Cig – Things to Know

Tips & Tricks for Enjoying E-Smoking

Parts & Maintenance – Keeping your E-Cig in Working Order

Advanced Vaporizers and E-Liquids

Health and Regulatory Issues

Effects of Traditional Smoking